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2023-01-12 08:30:32
Magic to Master - Final Beta Tests: V1.8.0

Dear players, as you know, a day ago we already said that the estimated testing and server setup of the game is scheduled to be completed on 2023-01-23. Today we are publishing this news because we are trying to complete the updates and optimisations as fast as possible, to bring Magic to Master closed beta as fast as possible.

Very soon, we will publish an overall progress map. According to this progress map, we will probably spend 2023 with Magic to Master beta. Therefore, we will share our general needs, requirements and planned steps with you shortly.

We tried to share the last steps made in the list below. It was not possible to publish a complete development diary.

Server and Network Version: v100.1p
Client Version: a1.1.6

Current Server and Network Version: v200.2p
Current Client Version: a2.1.0

    Technical System Change Log

  • Advanced (ICP2) optimisation of network code and engine architecture. (This resolved a bug in the past that prevented the dude server from crashing after 200 players)
  • Changed server and client code to support more than three localisations.
  • Graphics API - Upgraded from Directx9 to Directx12 (So changed minimum system requirements)
  • Granny API has been upgraded from 2.9.x to 2.12.xContinues (2023 Roadmap moved)
  • The game client has been optimised to run on cache storage from local storage.
  • Fixed synchronisation problems (ICP2 + LRC)
  • Upgraded network and source code in physics and graphics engine.Continues (2023 Roadmap moved)
  • Code refactored for platform compatibility (PCs, Steam, Microsoft Store, VR)Continues (2023 Roadmap moved)
  • The delay problem is repaired by the engine architecture.Not yet completed (2023 Roadmap moved)
  • General Change

  • All game models have been optimised.
  • All game instances have been reorganised.
  • The light system CLM has been redesigned.
  • Fixed an issue where the skip training function was not working on the hint screen at the first start of the game on Quarantine Island.
  • Previous statistical power increases for warrior, shaman, assassin, and petrun characters have been rolled back.Not yet completed (2023 Roadmap moved)
  • VR support has been added to the game. It currently only works for the Archer character to shoot arrows. Work in progress. Not yet completed (2023 Roadmap moved)
  • Work has started to activate the connection to the game with social media logins.Not yet completed (2023 Roadmap moved)
  • The game will be set up in the form of missions (finish and move on to the next one), so that one mission has to be completed before the next one arrives, allowing the player to focus on the game. The story basis will be balanced.Not yet completed (2023 Roadmap moved)

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A free-to-play multiplayer fantasy role-playing game. After registering for free and launching the downloadable processor, you will step into the wonderful world of M2M! Fight, come, cast spells. Be the best!