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About the Dynasties

Rahun Dynasty - Imperial Dynasty

rahun család The imperial dynasty lives in the imperial palace, protected from mortals. Well-trained and experienced guards guard the palace day and night. To enter the palace you have to pass through the gate. No warrior or anyone else can use weapons there.

Empire of Teven

Teven család The colour of House Teven is red, the colour that represents war and blood! The most popular warriors and warlords frequent House Teven. Warriors who visit this dynasty train and fight with the members. They also receive combat training. They earn bonuses for their combat training. If you like physical and warrior challenges, the Teven Dynasty may challenge you a bit!

Empire of Rasan

Rasan család The House of Rasan specialises in the art of sorcery. Members of this dynasty are trained in magic. Sorcerer emperors usually come from this dynasty. They learn all the basic rules of magic and sorcery and strive to specialise themselves in a school. If you want to join the Rasan Dynasty, you must earn points in all schools of witchcraft and magic!

Empire of Solon

Solon család The power of the Solon Dynasty comes from trade and taxes. They control the most important trade routes and have had that power since the founding of the empire. If you are a member of the Solon Dynasty, you will never have a shortage of money and you can meet all your needs very cheaply from the city of cheapness.

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