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Participating in MagicToMaster online game is only permitted if the following rule without exceptions are accepted and respected. By registering and participating in the game, the user accepts the following rules and considers it acknowledged. The old rules completely replaced by these new rules.


The condition to participate in MagicToMaster Online Game and other services is the registration. Registration can be made by individuals on the official homepage of MagicToMaster. Minors may not use the site without parental consent. Minors may not use the site, only with explicit parental consent. When registering, the minor confirms the owners of MagicToMaster with parental consent. Upon registration, the user must specify a nick name and the registered e-mail. The nick name cannot be, obscene, cause fear, advertisement for something, misleading and must not violate third person’s morality. It is forbidden to have a homepage address or e-mail address as a nickname. The user has the responsibility for its personal data. The data must be accurate and complete. The user is obliged to tell the MagicToMaster team every information given upon registration, especially an e-mail address change in the future. If the team calls for the users data, its authenticity must be verified. After the user verifies the MagicToMaster Team has the right to look at the data in the database.

Only personally!

The user has to register personally. Using a program to automatically fill out the registration form and/or using this in the game is prohibited. The condition of the game is that each activity is carried by the registered user, and these actions are intended by a human.

Download of the client

Users can only play with the client on the homepage of MagicToMaster; only download the client from this website. The client is the property of the creators of MagicToMaster; with proper registration users can use them free of charge. The client is only meant to be play with MagicToMaster; other activities are prohibited with the client, and any modification or manipulations of the program code. The registered user takes every responsibility to the above stated. Breaking these rules will lead to exclusion from the game and may have legal consequences.

Participation of the game

The owners of MagicToMaster develop the game further and further. The player can only participate in the current version of the game. For a registered user, the game is free, but the player can also buy some features/services and items. Services which can be bought, especially the service functions, the service duration, the amount to be paid and the payment methods are described and indicated at the services. If a minor wants to buy one of the services or items, the user must confirm that the transaction is acknowledged by the legal representative of the minor. The owners of MagicToMaster are not obliged to check the authenticity of the personal data. If the data that has been given at the registration and argument based on underage, or the absence of the legal representative based chargeback requests or the already spent or used services against the owners of the MagicToMaster, the owners are not obligated to complete these requests.

User account

Upon registration, the player has the right to create an account and to manage. Passing or transferring the account is forbidden. The account may only be used by the corresponding registered users and also has the sole responsibility for his or her account. The unauthorized logging into other accounts is a criminal offense, which speaks not only against the house rules, but is also legally prohibited. All the necessary data for logging, e.g. E-mail, account ID, password are confidential. This data is only known to the user, he/she has the obligation to keep this information secret. The account cannot be passed to anyone, not even relatives or friends. The owners of MagicToMaster and the Team will never ask for this information under any circumstances. But if someone asks for your data, even in the name of the owners of MagicToMaster or the team, you must immediately inform the Mt2Maset team.

Collection items in the Account

The user has the rights to gather items in his account which he/she has earned or received in the game pursuant to law, by buying it on the homepage (with Dragon Coins - DC) of MagicToMaster. The owners of MagicToMaster only take responsibility for these Item Shop items. Only the registered account owner has the right to use these items. He/she also has the responsibility for the proper use of the items. The user has the responsibility over the items, and cannot say that someone else is using these items or that it’s stolen, this also means that the item was not used properly and that’s why it disappeared. The owners of MagicToMaster only take on the responsibility for database error (software failure), only then is the account restored back to a state before the error occurred.


Registered users have the rights to trade with the items they rightfully own in the course of the game. The virtual money in MagicToMaster is called "Yang". You cannot convert Yang to real money or Dragon Coins; it is only used to buy in game items and for player item transactions.

Dragon Coin orders

Ordering Dragon Coins can be done on the homepage with general and occasional (discount) market prices, in euros (EUR). The consideration for the payment is the database activity of the MagicToMaster owners.

Order process

If the payment is by credit card, the user is automatically directed to the payment page of the bank, where he must enter the data of the credit card. After the money was deducted from your bank account, the dragon coins will be credited automatically to the users account. Users can only pay with their own credit card!
PAY PAL orders: coming soon!
In case of an SMS order the user needs to click the "Order Dragon Coins now" link, chose the country you live in and send the word found there. After sending the SMS and the deduction of the sum of the users mobile happens, the user gets a confirmation SMS with the code that can be used on MagicToMaster website. The user must enter the code on the home page in the specific place. When the user enters the code correctly the dragon coins are credited to the account. Order of Dragon Coins is possible for everyone if the user pays for the costs its self. Ordering DC for others (e.g. rewarding a player) is NOT forbidden; though MagicToMaster will not take any kind of responsibility if abuse happens. Always order Dragon Coins from people you know and trust!


The users of MagicToMaster must acknowledge that this game has the same dangers as other similar application and/or the Internet itself. The owners of MagicToMaster are not required to list the users of these dangers. The user informs his/her self about these and accepts them. The user has all responsibility for his/her own account and any kind of hardware, software related outside impacts. The user alone has the responsibility if his/her account was hacked because he/she did not pay attention well enough, the team MagicToMaster will not refund any missing items in this case.

Obligation of information

Each player is required to report hacker, cheater or just the assumption of one so the MagicToMaster team can make the necessary steps. The team will try to stop hackers and cheater before any real damage can be made. MagicToMaster is obliged to examine all the information coming from users for the team. The team can delete suspicious and hostile legal content, but they cannot be checked continually. If a user sees suspicious activity, he/she is obliged to inform the MagicToMaster (support).
If the operators of MagicToMaster get a misuse of data notice, the team has the right to restrict the user for a time in the game and on the homepage. The restriction will be lifted only when the suspect was cleared on the misuse of data. The operators of MagicToMaster will try to run its services non-stop but cannot guarantee it.

Behaving in the game

In game spoken language is English.
It is forbidden to violate others rights and enjoyment to the game!
It is forbidden to use game bugs (bug: flaws in the game) and/or use them against other players!
It is forbidden to use sexually explicit, take advantage of, disrespecting, obscene, hating, racially or ethnically offensive language/terms!
Do not spam! This means, don’t send the same message in the Call Chat and in the Normal Chat!
It’s forbidden to load the games resources with pointless spam off same character!
Do not mock the new players and do not scam them, exploiting their current state. Everyone was a beginner once! Help them!
It is forbidden to arrange guild wars which are already pre-determined (fake)!
Be friendly and a good sport to your friends and players!
It is forbidden to offer to give or buy other user accounts for real or virtual money!
It is forbidden to publish personal data of other players! For any loss or damage caused by such situations, the operators of MagicToMaster take no responsibility!
It is forbidden to run applications in the background which endanger or may interfere with the game's homepage and/or the game itself.
It is forbidden to search for data on what the user has no right. Public content may only be requested if the other players are not disturbed. Sending data or software that affects, alters the hardware of the receiver is also prohibited.
Using services that hide your IP address while playing is forbidden!
Any activities that strain the resources of MagicToMaster servers continuously are forbidden. Blocking, modifying, overwriting the contents of the game by is prohibited.
It is forbidden to use scripts and/or programs that modify the game and give players advantages against other users.


The operators of MagicToMaster have the rights to decide whether a player has violated a rule and if so, how hard the punishment will be.
It can be:
A warning for the user
Excluding the user for permanently or a period of time
The users ban by IP address and/or IP range.


If the user has any kind of problem in the game he/she can write with its username and associated e-mail address to the support. The MagicToMaster team reacts only to messages sent via support and only handles problems for the specific e-mail it has been sent, within 72 hours. Problems, requests which are on a different account/e-mail than the request came is not going to be processed, even if it’s the same person’s account/e-mail.
The game is co-ordinated (by the highest rank to lowest):
SA (Server Administrator)
GA (Game Administrator)
SGM (Super Game Master)
GM (Game Master)
The MagicToMaster team’s job is to help the users and the players in game with their problems and questions. They don’t have permission to give virtual money (Dragon Coins, Yang), items or to support characters in game. Their decision is made by the Terms of Use. Users are required to comply with their decisions. If a GM, SGM or GA makes a decision against these Terms of Use, it is possible to complain to an SGM, GA or SA. In this case the higher rank coordinator will revive the GM, SMG or GA’s decision; if it’s against the Terms of Use he/she can overrule it. If the Team member gave the user a permanent exclusion, in every case the higher rank coordinator will revive it. The highest rank coordinator’s, the owners of MagicToMaster (SA) decision is final and legitimate. If one of the above sanctions was used on a user, the complaint can be sent to the support. The coordinators job and right are to constantly monitor and filter the users who break the rules and to make the necessary steps against them.

Account termination

The operators of MagicToMaster obligated to delete user accounts on request. By deleting the user account the user lost all access to his/her account permanently, but the users information is stored for quality assurance and for authority data service purposes. The operators of MagicToMaster are obligated to delete users and user accounts that are inactive for more than 90 day straight. If the user liked to keep its account he/she must contact us via email (support@magictomaster.hu). The request must be repeated before 90 days.

Privacy Policy

MagicToMaster protects and handles the user data given at the registration, by the Data Protection Act. The user gives permission to the MagicToMaster operators over the data handling given at registration.
With this the user irreversibly consents, that when visiting the MagicToMaster homepage, to avoid abuses we log the login data, the game time and item transaction between players.
With this the user irreversibly consents, that when visiting the MagicToMaster homepage, for quality assurance purposes saves the conversations and the personal information it may contain, between other users and the messages sent to our support.
The managed data: name, user name, e-mail, IP address, game transactions, date and time, the subject of a message, its text and other related thing the message may contain.
Mt2Mester will delete the above mentioned information if the user explicitly requests it. If the user used one of our services, or made transactions with other players in game, or part of another investigation regarding to accounting and fiscal law limitation period (5+item year) data will be kept.
MagicToMaster will never give out user information, only if it’s for legal purposes. Because of private data is handled, MagicToMaster uses explicit security features and encryptions to protect the data. Mt2Mester takes the following security measures to protect the data:
a) the data will only be reachable for authorized person only;
b) authenticity guaranteed (data management credibility);
c) protected against unauthorized access (data confidentiality);
Mt2Mester supplies the data with technical, organizational methods and organizational measures which stop emerging threats immediately. MagicToMasters informatics system and network security is also protected against computer-aided fraud, spying, sabotage, vandalism, fire and flood, computer viruses, computer hacks and denial of service attacks. The operator has server-level and application-level security procedures to ensure protection. We inform our users that any data sent on the internet, regardless of protocol (e-mail, web browsing, ftp) is not 100% protected. The operator does all the protection possible for the protocols. The system observes every security change thus creating evidence about the events. By observing the system it makes the security features more efficient.
Users have the legal rights of Section 16A and 17§ against the operators data handling.


For legal problems with Mt2Mester or litigation, both parties need to go to court where the seat of the operator of Mt2Mester is.

Final words

Mt2Mester has the right to change the current rules at any time. Users will be informed on the homepage before two weeks of the new rules go live. If the current rule loses its validity, or contradicts the statutory rules, it doesn’t concerns the validity of other provisions of the terms of use. The contracting parties will replace the invalid provisions which are similar or the same as the previous regulations. In the case of incompleteness of the rules the rules are valid accordingly.

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